All New Atlas Live Bottom Spreader to Debut at ConExpo 2023

Bay-Lynx is proud to unveil its newest addition to the stone spreader product line with the Atlas Live Bottom Spreader! Originally designed as a live bottom truck body to deliver aggregates and asphalt, Bay-Lynx built on the already popular design to add an throw conveyor. This will ultimately create the perfect multipurpose solution to the aggregate delivery industry.

How does it work?

The Atlas features a patented parallel lift design that allows the entire throw conveyor and swing frame to be raised and lowered from a stow position to a throw position. With this innovative design, direct offload can be achieved without interference from the throw conveyor as the conveyor is stowed at the side of the body.

How is this different?

Unlike other stone spreaders, the Atlas remains low during both travel and delivery. Instead of the entire body rising and subject components to high wear and maintenance raising over forty thousand pounds in the air, the Atlas simply places the throw conveyor underneath the discharge bowl.

The Atlas is also able to have the throw conveyor throw at over 30 degrees to maximize throwing distance and reach.

throw angle

The Atlas can also be configured with an insulated shell and have a high heat belt to deliver asphalt in addition to the common aggregates.

With the 250 inch hopper width, the Atlas offers a struck (water-level) capacity of 22.25 yards at only 120” tall. Materials can be stored above the sideboards to reach even more yardage as well as adding sideboards for those who deliver mulch or topsoil and want to maximize volume to achieve over 30 yards of material.

With it’s Hardox® 450 build, modeled after the popular Titan mixer, the same high durability features can be achieved to resist abrasion from sand and stone.

The live bottom belt is the widest in the industry at 32.5” long. This means the belt has to rotate less to achieve the same material feed and therefore have a higher lifespan.


belt width

When is the Atlas available to order?

The Atlas will officially launch on the ConExpo ConAgg 2023 on March 14. The order books will officially be open so be sure to contact a Bay-Lynx sales representative to secure your Atlas for 2023 and beyond.

alb spreader