Alpine Mobile Crete Success Story

Travis McKinley is no stranger to the concrete industry. Travis spent most of his early career as a consultant, traveling the U.S. and providing guidance to ready mix operations on their mix designs. The mix designs ranged from flowable fill to high strength specialty mixes.

Consequently, it was not a surprise when he decided to go into the mobile mixer business eight years ago. He saw an opportunity in Southwestern Colorado to provide service and a quality product that could only be delivered with mobile mixers. Whether it is flowable fill, flat work or mine reclamation, Alpine Mobile Crete can meet its customer’s needs with prompt delivery, great service and a high-quality product that meets their specifications.

When Travis lost one of his mixers in an accident, he went into the market to find a new addition to his operation.  Because Travis has been in business for many years he has had the opportunity to see and operate a number of mobile mixers, but none had compared to his Bay-Lynx ten yard mixer that he purchased in 2017. “The Bay-Lynx is built to withstand the daily demands of pouring concrete. Jobsites can be difficult and a mixer will have to take a pounding! The Bay-Lynx is designed for that”. In addition, Travis adds that the water control and the wireless remote are the best he has worked with and seen on the market.

As Alpine Mobile Crete grows their  business, they have added colored concrete to their product offering as well as high end flat work services to complement their operation. Bay-Lynx thanks Travis at Alpine Mobile Crete for their patronage and appreciate all they do in their concrete delivery operations.