Bay-Lynx at World of Concrete 2022

Thank You to the World of Concrete!

Bay-Lynx was honored to once again be a part of the highly anticipated World of Concrete show, January 16-19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Our salesmen were pleased to meet with the crowds of prospective buyers and showcase our quality products.

Bay-Lynx was excited to proudly display the Titan volumetric mixer once again.  The Titan has just celebrated its two-year anniversary, but the buzz about this new mixer hasn’t settled.  With its incredible durability, light weight and long lifespan, the Titan remains quite a highlight in the concrete world!


The Hardox 450 steel’s flexible build removes unnecessary weight and maximizes payloads, accounting for over 1,350 lbs. of weight savings. Lighter components mean fuel savings, increased capacity and reduced environmental impact.


The Hardox 450 steel is some of the strongest and toughest steel in the world, able to withstand any material that operators load it up with. The hardness of the steel provides better dent scratch resistance, avoiding rust and keeping your fleet in like-new condition. As a result, this has increased the Titan’s service life to over 200% compared to that of a standard mixer.

Not only have payload and durability increased, but the resale values of construction equipment made with Hardox steel are 15% higher than their mild steel counterparts.


The Titan mixer also includes some of the most advanced mixing technology on the market. The new BatchPro 3.0 Panel and automation components on the mixer communicate with the BatchPro Connect App to control all sand, stone, cement, water and admixture contents.

BatchPro Connect is a three-tiered software solution that includes a customer order portal, a dispatch platform and an operator’s mobile application.  The customer order portal can be linked to your website to allow customers to place an order online, which can then be sent directly to dispatch.  The dispatch platform communicates to the mixers through the operator’s mobile application. It creates jobs and assigns them to your mixers, allowing you to track all jobs with digital copies of the tickets and receive status notifications from your operators.  The operator’s mobile application simplifies all day-to-day tasks of concrete delivery. This application allows you to print tickets, collect signatures and get a faster and more accurate mixer calibration.  This BatchPro Connect technology will save you time and money, while providing an exceptional customer experience!

A World of Innovation Designed for Your Business

Bay-Lynx’s complete line of innovative products, including the TitanBatchPro Connect and Ultralite Plus are changing how the world looks at concrete delivery.

Take the next step and learn why thousands of people around the world choose Bay-Lynx. Give us a shout. We would love to learn more about your goals and plans to provide a customized machine right for you.