Bay-Lynx Captivates Crowds at the World of Concrete 2020

The Future of Volumetric Mixers is Here with the Titan: Lighter, Stronger & Smarter

Thank you to the World of Concrete!

Bay-Lynx was honoured to once again attend the highly anticipated World of Concrete, February 4-7 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. More than 1,500 companies exhibited, with 60,000 industry professionals learning about the latest technology to improve their business’s operations.

Here’s a highlight reel of Bay-Lynx’s best moments at the World of Concrete:

As you can see, the Bay-Lynx exhibit was constantly bustling with crowds of prospective buyers, industry media representatives and even some intrigued competitors.

This show is always a fun place to showcase our new products, and this year we were once again one of the event’s highlights with the unveiling of a new product: the strongest volumetric mixer in the world – the Titan!

The Titan is Changing Everything

If you’re familiar with volumetric mixers you will know that they save owners significant dollars, reduce waste, and reduce time spent on the job. They meter out cement, sand and water on-site, meaning that your mixer has no time limit, no waste and no worries. Whatever amount of concrete you need for your project, a volumetric mixer can deliver.

The freshly unveiled Titan has all of the benefits of a standard volumetric mixer, and so much more.

The Titan is Changing Everything

It’s Lighter!

The Titan has a new design that maximizes Hardox® 450 steel, a Swedish steel known for its flexible build that removes unnecessary weight and maximizes payloads. Lighter components mean fewer trips to the gas station, more money in your pocket and reduced environmental impact.

It’s Stronger!

We’ve chosen the strongest and toughest steel in the world – Hardox® 450 steel – to withstand anything that operators can throw at it, helping to double the service life of our competitors’ standard steel mixers. Harder steel also provides better dent scratch resistance, avoiding rust and keeping your fleet in like-new condition longer.

It’s Smarter!

The innovative BatchPro 3.0 Operator’s Panel allows for a completely automated mixer set-up process, and helps you to communicate directly with dispatch via BatchPro Connect software.

Always Stay Connected With BatchPro

Our all-in-one operator and fleet management software comes standard with our volumetric mixers, and makes hundreds of time-consuming processes faster and easier through three interactive interfaces.

The mobile app takes on operational tasks:

  • Receive detailed jobs from dispatch;
  • Communicate directly with the mixer;
  • Take jobsite photos;
  • Collect signatures;
  • Print tickets and send updates to dispatch;
  • Create faster and more accurate mixer calibrations; and
  • Send maintenance reminders.

The dispatch platform helps to manage your fleet, and communicate with your crews:

  • Create and assign jobs;
  • Create new mix designs and upload them to machines in minutes;
  • Track your jobs with digital tickets;
  • Get live pour information from the mixers; and
  • Receive status notifications from your operators.

The customer order portal makes getting details easier:

  • Customers can submit orders on their schedule; and
  • Orders are sent directly and immediately to dispatch.
Ultralite Plus on Freightliner

Stand Out from the Crowd with the Ultralite Plus

Our Ultralite Plus volumetric mixer was unveiled last year, and took the ‘World’ by storm with its stunning all-aluminum design for enhanced weight savings. Combined with our cyclone hydraulic oil reservoir, lightweight auger and other features, the Ultralite Plus retains its crown as the lightest mixer on the market allowing the largest payload – up to eight cubic metres – with consistency superior to any other!

A World of Innovation Designed for Your Business

Bay-Lynx’s complete line of innovative products, including the Titan, BatchPro Connect and Ultralite Plus are changing how the world looks at concrete delivery.

Take the next step and learn why thousands of people around the world choose Bay-Lynx. Give us a shout. We would love to learn more about your goals and plans to provide a customized machine that can get you there.