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The Role of Water in Concrete
Concrete is made up of 4 keys ingredients: cementitious material, fine aggregates, coarse aggregates, and water. While each of these materials plays a certain role in the concrete, the water is the ingredient that starts the whole chemical reaction.
Admixtures in Concrete
One of the most important ingredients used to produce high-performing, durable and long-lasting concrete are concrete admixtures.  Concrete admixtures are added to improve the behavior of concrete under certain conditions. 
Tip Sheets
Cold Weather Concrete
The winter months bring their share of obstacles when it comes to cold weather concrete.  Try using these precautionary measures to ensure the concrete properly sets.
Why did SCW need a Cambering Machine?
SCW kept regretting not buying a cambering machine. When they finally pulled the trigger, the savings came pouring in.
10 Questions to Ask when Buying a Volumetric Mixer
The volumetric concrete mixer business is a rather unique one. It may sometimes feel overwhelming to try to get into this side of concrete production. However, the business can be broken down to a few questions that can be relatively simple to answer.
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