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Why use Fly Ash and Slag in Concrete?
It is not uncommon for contractors to overlook the use of fly ash and slag in their concrete. This is usually the case when the contractor doesn’t truly understand the role that Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs) have in concrete.
Tech Tips
Tech Tips – Water Filter Check
The water filter on your volumetric mixer collects unwanted dirt and debris that your water supply may contain.
Reducing Bleed in Concrete
Bleed in concrete is the result of excess water being forced to the surface of the concrete. Understanding the cause of bleed can assist in properly managing and eliminating its occurrence.
Tech Tips
Tech Tips – Winterisation
Brace yourself... Winter is coming. Know the right steps to clear out all water from your volumetric mixer to avoid it freezing inside your hoses.
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Cambering Machines vs Hot Bending
The need for the cambering process is growing. With every heavy structure, comes the need to camber beams for strength and aesthetic purposes.
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