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The Benefits of Hardox Steel
Hardox 450 steel is some of the strongest steel in the world. This steel has been used to create the new Bay-Lynx Titan Volumetric Mixer.
Tech Tips
Tech Tips – Material Guides
Material guides should always be monitored to prevent material overflow.
5 Tips for Pouring Concrete in the Summer Heat
Summer pours have their challenges. Use these 5 tips to change the way you pour in the summer heat.
Why use Fly Ash and Slag in Concrete?
It is not uncommon for contractors to overlook the use of fly ash and slag in their concrete. This is usually the case when the contractor doesn’t truly understand the role that Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs) have in concrete.
Tech Tips
Tech Tips – Water Filter Check
The water filter on your volumetric mixer collects unwanted dirt and debris that your water supply may contain.
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