Frequently asked questions about Stone Spreaders


  • What does a Stone Spreader do?

    A stone spreader is a material placing vehicle which can pick up the materials from the quarry or material supply center, deliver them to the job site and place them exactly where you need them, eliminating the need for several steps in between.

  • Who would benefit from purchasing a Stone Spreader?

    Poured wall contractors, pool and landscape contractors, home builders, general contractors, quarry operators and owners, sewer and drainage companies would all benefit from adding a stone spreader to their operation. Basically, any situation where you need materials placed above / below or on grade.

  • How far will Bay-Lynx spreaders throw?

    While the throw length really depends on the type and density of materials you are unloading, our customers are typically throwing an average of 100 – 130 feet.

  • Do dense materials such as heavy top soil and sand bridge up in the hopper?

    Both the Aluminum and Steel Bay-Lynx Spreaders come with our patented load suspension beam as standard equipment. This feature avoids material bridging and breaks up clumps, especially in the winter conditions.

  • Are the hydraulic controls remote control?

    All of our trucks come with an optional wireless remote package that controls the spreader system and the chassis drive.

  • Can Bay-Lynx spreaders get shipped overseas in a container?

    Yes, we have many customers outside of North America. We have engineered our spreaders to fit into a container for easy transport, and in many cases have passed the testing and standard requirements for European Countries.

  • Can these Spreaders be installed on any chassis brand?

    Yes, our engineering department will do a proper weight calculation for your existing or new chassis, and our experienced technicians will install your new Spreader onto any brand of truck in our facility. For those who are a greater distance away from our manufacturing facility, we supply a full install and build kit for a customer or local dealer install.

  • What size stone spreader is best suited for my business?

    Please contact our sales team to determine the weight laws and regulations in your area, as every State, Country and Province is different.

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