The Benefits of Hardox® Wear Plate

Hardox® 450 steel is some of the strongest steel in the world. This steel has been used to create the new Bay-Lynx Titan Volumetric Mixer.  You may be wondering why Bay-Lynx chose to use this particular type of steel. SSAB, the manufacturer of Hardox® wear plate, uses proprietary processes that allow the steel to carry some very unique traits like consistent properties, outstanding impact toughness, bendability and formability.

So what does this mean for the Titan mixer? It is important to understand that to truly maximize the value of these benefits, the existing traditional volumetric mixer design needs to be disregarded. This is why Bay-Lynx worked extensively with SSAB to create a unique volumetric mixer, designed for the sole purpose of maximizing the benefits of Hardox® steel.

An important feature of Hardox® wear plate is its flexibility. The Hardox® steel is able to bend to absorb impact while still retaining its original shape. However, for flexibility to truly aid in longevity, there needs to be a large enough surface area to allow bending and returning to its original shape. This is why the Titan does not have aggregate bin supports. With aggregate bin supports the flexibility would result in cracking of the welds, decreasing lifespan and opening the door for corrosion. Using this method also allows for great weight savings by removing the unnecessary and heavy bin supports.

The Titan will naturally benefit from the other characteristics of Hardox 450 steel such as being scratch and abrasion resistant to give your build an estimated 210% longer lifespan. It also offers over 1,350 lbs of weight savings dedicated for higher payloads.

The Titan Mixer is the only mixer in North America that is part of the Hardox® In My Body program.  Each Titan is fitted with the official Hardox® In My Body sticker, verifying its premium build quality. To be a part of this program not only does Hardox® wear plate need to be the primary ingredient, but it must also be a top of the line product where the company puts quality first with excellent industry reputation.  It is a sign of quality and trust for the best products on the market and the Bay-Lynx Titan Volumetric Mixer is very proud to be a part of the program.