Top 5 Reasons Volumetric Mixers are Overtaking Drum Mixers

The volumetric mixers are coming. Although not a new product, volumetric mixers have not been on the roads of North America at the same level as the drum mixer has to date. Interestingly, in Europe and other areas of the world, it is the other way around as volumetric mixers are the most common method of transporting concrete.

There has been steady growth in adoption of volumetric mixers over the past few years. This growth that has been experienced is predicted to continue or increase. Orbis Research recently conducted a detailed study on Global Markets for Specialty Commercial Vehicles.  Among the many specialty commercial vehicles, the volumetric concrete mixer was one of the nine areas of focus. After studying the trends and history of the market, they concluded that due to the influx of trade and favorable conditions of the market, that volumetric mixers will be on the rise at a substantial rate and see a pronounced growth by the year 2023.

The advantages of volumetric concrete mixers are clear and with these new market predictions. This is why many anticipate a steady rise of volumetric concrete mixers throughout the next half-decade in North America.

Here are five advantages of using a volumetric mixer as compared to a drum mixer:

1. Quantity Control

With a volumetric mixer, you pour only what you need. You don’t have to worry about exact estimates of a job-site pour because you have the ability to cease production on command. No paying for unused concrete and no need to order more concrete and wait for a drum mixer to reload at the batch plant. The cost of a pour is significantly reduced and the task of driving to a job site and getting detailed estimates is eliminated.

2. On-Site Mix Control

The best concrete is the freshest concrete. Fresh concrete allows you to have a workable slump without reducing strength by adding water. When a drum mixer comes to the job-site, what is in the drum is what you get. A volumetric mixer allows you to change the mix design, slump, and admixtures of the fresh concrete on site.Mix Design Control

3. Profitably service jobs of all sizes.

Small jobs are no longer a hassle when using a volumetric mixer. In fact, owners have said that having a volumetric mixer travel between small jobs is a big part of their business.

4. Access Remote Locations

When a job-site is in a remote location, a drum mixer cannot reach it or reaches it with a very poor quality and partly settled concrete. This means more water has to be added, thereby producing a weaker concrete. With a volumetric mixer there is no concern about being stuck in traffic because the concrete won’t begin to set when the aggregates are separately contained.

5. Cost savings.

When someone is considering producing their own concrete rather than rely on ready-mix deliveries, there is an initial investment, but the mixer can pay for itself within five years. The cost of concrete is reduced by as much as 20-40% when producing it yourself. This allows you to offer a valuable service at a profitable return.

The future is bright for volumetric concrete mixers and is easy to see why. To request a free sample PDF of the Orbis Research article referenced in this article, click here: