Rylex Contracting

Aggregate Supplier

My first dealings with Bay-Lynx are actually the biggest reason why I’m still dealing with them. They were really easy to deal with as afar as modifications and changes.

I was just starting up. There was a hole in the market in Edmonton, and I was ready to start my own operation.

I had one truck when I first came to them. The first thing I bought from them was a Multicat slinger. They were incredibly easy to deal with: accommodating, ready to rig up things for this province. The support I’ve got from them has been amazing. I’ve had Mark on the phone for an hour from 3,000 miles away while I’ve been poking at wires under the dash. When I’ve been in a bind, they’ve gotten parts to me from Ontario in a day and a half. I can’t drive into Edmonton ten miles away from my shop and get things that fast.

Their equipment is usually truck-mounted. But we can’t run as many axles under our trucks in Alberta as some places. The next step is to get a trailer. Other dealers wouldn’t touch that idea, but Bay-Lynx was ready to listen to my ideas. It took a few months back and forth with drawings and suggestions, but they basically built something that was customized bumper-to-bumper.

I’ve bought six Bay-Lynx machines over the last 16 years, in several configurations. I’ve got one unit that’s state-of-the art remote control. I can stand beside it and operate. Their products keep advancing and getting better, but their incredible support is the biggest reason I’ve stayed with them.