Bay-Lynx 08M60 Volumetric Concrete Mixer

The Bay-Lynx 08M60 Volumetric Mixer is a very useful machine that allows full control of your concrete on site. Controlling your mix design and quantity has never been so easy with the ability to produce only what you need while at the job-site. The 08M60 holds 7.65m3/10 yd3 and produces at a rate up to 60mper hr/78 yd3 per hour.

Standard Features:
  • – Square Strike Offs
  • – Dual Over-Under Cement Metering Augers
  • – Two Admix Systems
  • – Mechanically Linked Cement & Aggregate Drive
  • – Dual Stage Water System
Optional Features:
  • – Liquid Color Additive System
  • – Additional Addmix Systems
  • – Reversing & Monitoring Cameras
  • – Wireless Remote
  • – Mixer Connect
  • – Auto Lube System

Contact Bay-Lynx so we can produce a Volumetric Mixer that fits your needs.