Bay-Lynx TC12 Terracat Spreader

The Bay-Lynx TC12 Terracat Spreader has all the features of our larger spreaders, and can carry the same range of products. It’s smaller size, though, offers all kinds of advantages. It has a 4.8m3/6.3 yd3 capacity and weighs 4700 lbs/2132 kgs.

Standard Features:
  • – Easy to Use Manual Controls
  • – Hydraulic Boom Rotation
  • – 8′ High Speed Throwing Conveyor
  • – Patented Load Suspension Beam
Optional Features:
  • – Radio Remote Controls
  • – Stainless Steel Body
  • – Salt & Sand Spinner Assembly
  • – Roll Off Frame

Contact Bay-Lynx so we can produce a Terracat Spreader that fits your needs.