Our recent visit to Bauman Landscape and Construction

Bay-Lynx recently had a visit with Bauman Landscaping and Construction where they shared how they have used Volumetric Mixers to grow their business. Bauman has been one of Bay-Lynx’s long time customers and we have developed a great relationship over the years. Watch the video here:


Video Transcription

Mike Bauman: My name’s Mike Bauman, owner of Bauman Landscaping Construction. We’re a public works contractor in the city of San Francisco.
We basically build parks, streetscapes, and landscaping. We’ve been in business since 1978. We’re a family owned business. My daughter works with me in the office and helps run the company, and we have about 50 full-time employees.

Angella Bauman: I started working with my dad back in high school. We have grown from a very small business into a medium sized local San Francisco business specializing in parks and streetscapes here in the city. We are very good at architectural concrete, landscape.

Mike Bauman: About three years ago there was a real shortage of concrete in the city. We couldn’t get concrete. It’d take 3 or 4 weeks to order concrete and get it. And so we went to World of Concrete and we noticed all these volumetric mixers on site. We thought that’d be a great idea because we could be in control of when we wanted concrete and when we could pour.
And we met the people from Bay-Lynx and we really hit it off. They were great explaining the whole system to us because it was pretty Greek to us when we first looked at it. And so that’s how we got involved with volumetric mixers.
One of the main reasons we got into the volumetric mixers is we build a lot of parks, and we were able to put a cement silo on the site itself and mix the concrete right on site, load the truck and pour for ourselves. We were able to pour a couple hundred yards a day, which really expanded our production rates.

Angella Bauman: And then the more we learned about the trucks the more interested we became because we realized we could switch mix designs constantly throughout a pour, which is great for us for streetscapes and stuff because we pour ramps, curb and gutter, street base, and we’ll have you know two yards of each at any given time during the day. So it was a perfect plan for us.

Mike Bauman: That was one of the main reasons, and the quality of the concrete is better than coming out of a barrel mixer because it’s fresh. It’s right on-site, we get higher strengths.
We felt really comfortable with the Bay-Lynx people, and they would support us. And to be honest with you they gave us a really good price so we decided to take the chance, make the investment, and it’s worked out. We wish we’d have gotten those ten years ago.

Every time we buy a mixer, Mark comes out, and Mark’s been out here this is the fifth time. This last time we ended up getting two mixers. He’s great about going over the maintenance, he’s great about working with our mechanics. We’ve actually sent our mechanic back to the factory to have him trained in the Bay-Lynx factory, and that worked out well. And the product support is great.
We bought more mixers because not all the time we could have them on the site, so you have to travel an hour in each direction to the job site so you need more mixers to keep the production up. That’s why we ended up buying more mixers.

Angella Bauman: I think it says a lot about a business when you can call up and talk to people directly and you actually have a face to face with them. And everyone knows my name. And when we see them at World of Concrete you know it’s a big hug and how ya doing. So it’s a very family business just like ours and we like that.

Mike Bauman: Bay-Lynx is great. It’s a family business like our business so you can call and get right to the owner, you can get right to Mark, Penny, or Sam. We know everybody there and they know us. In fact now I call the secretary knows me by my voice when I call up. So it’s been a great relationship with Bay-Lynx.
Bay-Lynx has been wonderful, volumetric mixers in general have just been wonderful for our business model so we would definitely recommend them to others. It’s a great company and a great product that they have.

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