Atlas Live Bottoms

The Atlas Live Bottom is the safest way to deliver soil, sand, stone, asphalt, etc. Designed with an insulated Hardox® 450 shell, the Atlas is able to maintain heat to your material and discharging in a manner that is safe for everyone on site. No more risky large dump trucks with the fear of falling over on unpredictable site grounds. Just a clean, safe and reliable delivery.
Insulated Aggregate Bin
Use the insulated aggregate bin to deliver all types of materials including asphalt to maintain heat during the delivery process.
Discharge Height Sensor
The discharge sensor will automatically stop the belt if the discharge height surpasses the calibrated maximum.
Hardox® 450 Build
The Atlas Live Bottom is part of the Hardox In My Body Program. The Hardox® build gives the Atlas twice the lifespan of the industry standard mild steel.
Cyclone Hydraulic Oil Reservoir
Manual Back-up Hydraulic Controls
Main Conveyor Belt Drive Motor
left side features
High Efficiency Lube Core Auto Lube System
Hardox®450 Steel Body (Optional Asphalt Insulation)
Easy Access Maintenance Gate
Electronic Discharge Height Sensor
right side
Hydraulic Tailgate Cylinder
32.5" Wide Multipurpose Conveyor Belt
Safety Strobe Lights
back side features

Options and more

We keep it simple, but we don’t limit your options. For each model, we offer customizations that turn your Bay-Lynx machine into the exact right tool for the work you do.

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