Atlas Technical Specifications

The Atlas Live Bottom effectively discharges sand, stone, asphalt, granular aggregates, topsoil, mulch blends and other organic material better then most live bottoms on the market. See below for specs on the Atlas Live Bottom:

Atlas Live Bottoms
Struck/water-level capacity 22.5 yd3
Production Rate 6,125 lbs
Discharge Rate 19 yd3/min
Minimum clear platform requirements 255 inches
Atlas Live Bottom
Struck/water-level capacity 17.16 m3
Unit weight (appoximate)
2,780 kg
Discharge Rate 15 m3/min
Minimum clear platform requirements 6500 mm

Standard Features

  • Discharge Height Sensor
    Electronic sensor to detect maximum discharge height and automatically shut off belt when the max height has been reached. Maximum height can be calibrated.
  • Hydraulically Controlled Tailgate
    Hydraulic cylinders for partial tailgate opening for tight space discharge.
  • Manual Hydraulic Controls
    Valve bank hydraulic controls by rear end of live bottom for safe discharge.
  • 32" Belt
    High strength 32 inch wide belt for fast discharge speeds.
  • Chain Oiler
    High efficiency LubeCore automatic chain oiler system for optimal belt lifespan.
  • Hardox® 450 Wear Plate Build
    Formed of Hardox® 450 Wear Plate. The specs of Hardox assure incredible durability and crack resistance. The Atlas is a member of the Hardox In My Body program to certify the quality build.

Optional Features

  • Asphalt Insulated Bin and Multi-Purpose Belt
    Outer mild steel insulated shell of the aggregate bin with a multi-purpose belt for transport of heated materials.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Why Hardox® Steel?

    Hardox® 450 steel is some of the strongest steel in the world. This allows for a lightweight, yet durable build. An estimated 210% longer lifespan than that of a conventional steel live bottom.

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