Unload your skidsteer bucket with out turning your machine. The Crossfire Spreader bucket from Bay-Lynx combine the innovation of the stone slinger into a compact loader attachment that will save you time and make your job site safer.

Bay-Lynx-Crossfire CF60 CF92
Unit Capacity 0.75 yd3 1.33 yd3
Unit weight Approx 700 lbs 1150 lbs
Mount Options Skidsteer Skidsteer
Hot Material yes no
Bay-Lynx-Crossfire CF60 CF92
Unit Capacity 0.50 m3 1.00 m3
Unit weight Approx 317 kg 520 kg
Mount Options Skidsteer Skidsteer
Hot Material Yes No

Value Added Features

  • Patented Internal Drive Belt
    The Bay-Lynx Crossfire Bucket uses a patented internal belt drive system which means you do not have to track your belt like other side discharge buckets. This means the Crossfire excels at conveying heavy aggregates like stone.
  • Light and Strong
    The Crossfire bucket is designed to be the lightest side discharge bucket in the market while still being the strongest so that you carry as much as possible with each scoop.
  • Chain and Sprocket System
    With a motor running to chain and sprockets you can relatively easily change the discharge distance of your crossfire bucket by changing the sprockets. The factory setting gives a nice smooth discharge of about 4 feet from the machine but switch the sprockets and you can spray up to 12 feet away.
  • Hot Asphalt
    The CF60 offers an option for a "HOT" belt that can handle the heats of fresh asphalt. If you are an asphalt contractor looking to be more safe and import your time on narrow cuts the Crossfire is your answer.
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