The Terra Spreader was designed to give you the spreading ability you can find on all the Bay-Lynx spreaders but on a more compact and versatile chassis. The Terra Spreader is designed with the landscaper and small contractor in mind for both size and affordability.

Bay-Lynx-Terracat TC12 TC14
Struck/Water-Level Capacity 6.3 yd3 7.5 yd3
Unit Weight Approx 4700 lbs 5100 lbs
Minimum Clear Platform Requirements 164 inches 188 inches
Wheelbase, CA/CT 118 inches 142 inches
Bay-Lynx-Terracat TC12 TC14
Struck/Water-Level Capacity 4.8 m3 5.7 m3
Unit Weight Approx 2132 kg 2313 kg
Minimum Clear Platform Requirements 4166 mm 4775 mm
Wheelbase, CA/CT 2997 mm 3606 mm

Standard on all models

  • Easy to Use Manual Controls
    The Terra Spreader comes standard with manual controls an the rear of the unit. The operator can see nicely from this point and accurately and efficiently place material up to 60 feet away from the rear of the unit.
  • Hydraulic Boom Rotation
    The boom on the Terra Spreader rotates left to right using a hydraulic rotary actuator. This gives plenty of torque and fine control while spreading materials.
  • 8' High Speed Throw Conveyor
    With the standard 14" wide by 8' long throw conveyor the Terra Spreader can spread materials up to 60 feet from the back of the unit. The boom has approximate 160 degrees of rotation and can really help get the job done quick.
  • Pantented Load Suspension Beam
    This patented beam inside the main hopper allows for the breaking up of materials that are prone to bridge as well as keeping the weight of heavier material off the main conveyor belt. This design makes the Bay-Lynx Spreaders the most versatile on the market.

Standard on other models

  • Radio Remote Controls
    Remote Controls for our spreaders is still an option but it almost is always standard order. With remote controls the operator can be right where the material is landing to ensure accurate and proficient placement of material.
  • Stainless Steel Body
    Want your Terra Spreader to really last and make a statement? Well you can by getting the Stainless Steel body version. The 304 SS body will not rust, does not need to be painted and looks great.
  • Salt & Sand Spinner Assembly
    The Terra Spreader is also special because it can double as a salter sander in the winter. Simply remove the throw conveyor, pin on the salt sand spinner assembly and attach the hoses and you have a great operation salt truck for the winter seasons.
  • Roll Off Frame
    The Terra Spreader is often used as a truck attachment. If you are looking for a truck that is multipurpose we can make it happen but allowing you to off load and reload the unit as needed.
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