Engineered, designed and modeled using our highest quality of standard that you have come to expect with all Bay-Lynx products. The aluminum extruded vertical panels are engineered to lock together to create a strong and rigid construction. The smooth highly polished panels give a great look while the integrated dual drive conveyor system ensures a seamless high speed unloading, by means of our patented load suspension beam.

Bay-Lynx-Ultralite UL-16 UL-18 UL-20
Struck / Water-Level Capacity 17.3 yd3 19.7 yd3 22.0 yd3
Unit Weight (Approximate) 7716 lbs 8552 lbs 8744 lbs
Minimum Clear Platform Requirements 223" 247" 271"
Wheelbase, CA/CT
Consult federal, state and local weight laws and chassis manufacturer’s ratings to ensure neither government weight restrictions, nor GVWR and GAWRs are exceeded.
Bay-Lynx-Ultralite UL16 UL18 UL20
Struck / Water-Level Capacity 13.3 m3 15.1 m3 16.8 m3
Unit Weight (Approximate) 3500 kg 3879 kg 3966 kg
Minimum Clear Platform Requirements 5665 mm 6274 mm 6884 mm
Wheelbase, CA/CT
Consult federal, state and local weight laws and chassis manufacturer’s ratings to ensure neither government weight restrictions, nor GVWR and GAWRs are exceeded.

Standard Features

  • Aluminum Advantage
    Going with all aluminum makes this spreader more aerodynamic, be able to carry one ton more in materials, it will never rust and make you the even of every driver that sees it.
  • Advanced Hydraulic System
    The Ultralite uses the most up to date hydraulic load sensing system to ensure oil is only used when needed. The Ultralite also comes with standard 75 gallon aluminum tank and hydraulic cooler.
  • Pantented Load Suspension Beam
    This patented beam inside the main hopper allows for the breaking up of materials that are prone to bridge as well as keeping the weight of heavier material off the main conveyor belt. This design makes the Bay-Lynx Spreaders the most versatile on the market.
  • Dual Direct Drive Feed Conveyor
    The Ultralite uses two motors on the main conveyor to give it more offloading torque and speed.
  • All Aluminum Throw Conveyor
    When we say all aluminum we mean everything is aluminum. The throw conveyor on the ultralite is made from high strength aluminum channel and will not rust.
  • Control Platform
    Some slingers do not have a platform but with thought it great to have. This platform allows the operator to stand elevated to see their area of product placement and also easily check inside the main hopper. Even with remote controls this platform remains in the build of the unit and the hydraulic valves are mounted here and can be used as back up should the radio remote become unusable for any reason.

Optional Features

  • Radio Remote Controls
    Remote Controls for our spreaders is still an option but it almost is always standard order. With remote controls the operator can be right where the material is landing to ensure accurate and proficient placement of material.
  • Auto Greaser System
    We have partnered with the LubeCore brand of auto greaser systems and can offer a complete auto greaser system for your chassis and spreader. Auto greaser systems take most of the concern away regarding maintenance of bearings and will improve the longevity of your machine.
  • Tool Boxes
    There is always more you want to carry and more you want on the job site. We can supply and install a variety of tool boxes and custom accessories to any of our spreaders trucks. Ask us more about this when requesting a quote.
  • High Speed Off-Load
    The Ultralite Spreader will have you asking why you even need a dump truck. The the dual motors on the main conveyor we can divert all power to the main conveyor allow the Ultralite to become a live bottom dump truck. With the High Speed Off-Load system the Ultralite can dump a full load in just over two minutes.
  • Rearview Cameras
    Health and safety is always a concern. We are able to add dash cams, rear view cameras and even aggregate and conveyor belt monitoring camera to help ensure quality and the safety of your staff and those around the job site and when in transit.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Who would benefit from purchasing a Stone Spreader?

    Poured wall contractors, pool and landscape contractors, home builders, general contractors, quarry operators and owners, sewer and drainage companies would all benefit from adding a stone spreader to their operation. Basically, any situation where you need materials placed above / below or on grade.

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