Agilis Hydro Utilities Technical Specifications

Agilis Mobile Batch Plant
Material Hopper Capacity 8 yd3
Production Rate
Up to 60yd3/hr
Production Capacity 7 yd3
Water Tank Volume 500 US Gallon
Unit Weight Approx. 6,500 lbs
Agilis Mobile Batch Plant
Material Hopper Capacity 6 m3
Production Rate
Up to 50m3/hr
Production Capacity 5.4 m3
Water Tank Volume 1900 l
Unit Weight Approx. 2,950 kg

Standard Unit Features

  • Material Hopper
    A water-tight bin is used to store your pre-blended material safely. Load in any of the 3 securely latched lids.
  • Water Tank
    A 500 gallon (1900 litre) water tank is used to ensure your material does not begin activation until safe delivery.
  • 12" Auger
    Enjoy the flexibility of pouring low slump material with the 12" auger to maximize mix quality.
  • BatchPro Connect
    The Agilis is equipped with the BatchPro 3.0 package including BatchPro Connect for mixer tracking, ticket data and calibrations.


  • Water Heating Package
    Insulate your water tank or use a heat exchanger to keep your water warm for longer periods of time.

Frequently asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of the Agilis?

    The Agilis Mobile Batch Plant is the Bay-Lynx solution to solving concrete delivery to highly remote areas. Problems currently facing this market include:

    i. Shelf life of concrete: Because concrete needs to be produced and poured in under 2 hours, this makes the delivery process very rushed. Often excessive water is needed to be added, which weakens the concrete. With the Agilis, the concrete can be produced only when the unit has arrived to the site.

    ii. Accessibility: Many of these remote locations may not have road access relying on air transportation. This becomes extremely expensive and not efficient as many staff are forced to wait for each small quantity load. Some locations may be hundreds of miles away from a nearby batch plant as well.

    iii. Environmental waste/fees: Many projects face high fees for environmental reasons of dumping excess concrete on forestry and preserved areas. With the Agilis, any material not poured can be preserved and used on the next pour.

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