Atlas-Parallel Lift Swing Frame

The Atlas Live Bottom Spreader is the newest addition to the Bay-Lynx fleet. It was released at the 2023 CONEXPO in Las Vegas. It was Bay-Lynx’s response to the markets needs of a slinger with a low center of gravity. After years of research and development we are excited to supply the market with a true live bottom slinger.

Our unique design for the parallel swing frame allows you to switch from direct discharge to conveyor discharge in a matter of seconds. This highly innovative design is the perfect option for customers who want to maintain a low center of gravity through out the entire load whether it be thrown or live dumped in a pile.

The parallel lift design allows the operator to use the live bottom option or the throw option without the need to lift the entire load. The parallel lift swing frame lowers the boom under the live bottom body and allows for a very clean throw with no “popcorning” (aggregates being dispersed off the sides of the throw). When the boom is in throw position it still maintains 13 inches of clearance from grade to bottom of boom and it can always be lifted a few more inches if needed while moving.

Below is a video of the parallel lift swing frame in action.