Bay-Lynx Tech Tips – Material Guides

This video provides a brief description on the importance of maintaining the height and quality of your material guides that run along the sides and middle of your aggregate bin.




Hi it’s Mark from Bay-Lynx and today I’d like to speak to you about material guides and the importance of keeping them well adjusted.


Your material guides serve the purpose of keeping your sand and stone within the confines of the belt so it doesn’t spill over onto the chain. If it does spill too much onto the chain you will get problems with your belt running. Also it will decrease the life of your chain because it’ll just wear away the rollers on your chain. Also the aggregates can get into the inside of your belt and it will build up on the inside of the bars causing premature wear of the rubber of the belt.


How do we adjust them? Well you’ve got a series of bolts down the outside of the machine on both your sand and stone side. If you’re slacking these bolts off then you should be able to just tap the material guide so it sits just on to the belt or maybe just a millimeter above it. You don’t want to hammer them down onto the belt otherwise you can end up wearing your belts again.


It’s advantageous if you could check on a semi-regular basis the appearance of your material guides for the full length of your belt. To do this you’ll need to empty off all of your materials. Sometimes up near the front of the truck these can get forgotten because you normally come back to the base with some material on.


So empty often check the full length of the material guide to check that you haven’t got any undue wearing or tearing particularly on your stone side.