Join Bay-Lynx at World of Concrete 2020

The annual concrete and masonry convention takes place February 3-7 in Las Vegas

Bay-Lynx will exhibit at World of Concrete 2020, which takes place February 3-7 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. World of Concrete is the commercial construction industry’s largest annual convention for concrete and masonry professionals. During the event, more than 60,000 industry experts from all segments of the business will gather to view cutting-edge equipment, tools, and services. Representatives from Bay-Lynx will be on hand to discuss the advantages of using its state-of-the-art products.

What Bay-Lynx has to offer

Since 1992, Bay-Lynx has manufactured high-quality equipment for construction companies, including volumetric concrete mixers, stone spreaders, and cambering machines. Among the many benefits of working with Bay-Lynx, we customize our equipment for each client’s needs and every product is built for a long shelf life.

What to Expect

When you visit the Bay-Lynx booth, expect detailed presentations, examples, and case studies of three of our newest products:

BatchPro Connect: This is our three-tiered software solution for concrete producers. BatchPro Connect goes much further than the standard construction app and addresses customers, dispatchers, and operators. Every step of the process can be handled in-app, from ordering to pouring to recording. During your booth visit, get hands on and explore BatchPro Connect’s many functions.
Ultralite Plus: The Ultralite Plus is the latest version of our Volumetric Ultralite Mixer. It’s the lightest mixer on the market and allows the largest payload.
Titan Volumetric Mixer: This mixer features Hardox steel, a Swedish steel known for its flexible build and high strength. (More on this below.)

At our booth, we’ll have a team of experts present to answer all your questions and determine how Bay-Lynx’s products could enhance your project. We’ll explore the best options for you, we’ll discuss the necessary customizations to achieve the best results, and we’ll ensure you have all the information you need.

Lighter. Stronger. Better. Revealing our new volumetric concrete mixer!

At World of Concrete 2020, we’ll introduce our new Titan Volumetric Mixer to the general public. As mentioned above, the Titan Mixer is crafted from Hardox steel, a Swedish steel with unmatched strength and durability. Hardox steel enables workers to carry more raw materials, which produces more concrete each load; it resists denting, punctures, and scuffing; and used units retain their value at a rate of an additional 15%.

Additionally, the Titan Mixer features the BatchPro 3.0 operators’ panel, which works seamlessly with the BatchPro Connect app and enables direct communication between a designated mobile device and the mixer. The Titan is also completely automated, removing the guesswork from crucial mixing steps like water dosage and gate settings.

All in all, the Titan Mixer is a gamechanger, making concrete mixing and construction faster, easier, and more modern.

Where to Find Us at the Show

Be sure to visit Bay-Lynx at Booth C6926 in the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Central Hall. To learn more about us, visit And, to learn more about this year’s World of Concrete convention and plan your trip, visit